The Fun of Driving is Back!

Demonstration video, SoundRacer Model X

This four minute video demonstrates the new SoundRacer Model X. The video includes plugging SoundRacer into the vehicle's 12V power adapter socket, how to sync SoundRacer with the vehicle's RPM, and how to switch between the six pre-recorded engine sounds: Shelby Mustang V8 (at 0:19), Lamborghini V10 (at 1:00), Lexus LFA V10 (1:14), Ferrari V12 (at 1:45), Harley-Davidson V-Twin (at 2:12) and Suzuki GSX (at 3:04). 

In addition, it illustrates how you can use the SoundRacer to send music from your phone to the car stereo using the built-in FM transmitter. "Call me childish, but I reckon this is one of the best gadgets I’ve seen in years. The SoundRacer plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of your boring family car, then sends an FM signal to your car stereo that makes your car sound like a roaring V8, faithfully matching revs and basically making the meekest of cars feel like a monster truck. So you can enjoy a ribald hoon factor from the driver’s seat without looking or sounding like a petrolhead to passers-by or the local constabulary. We had a blast making the demo video."

Design and Images by Taylored Designs